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The Guitar Principles Path: Level One  (Book)

The Guitar Principles Path: Level One (Book)

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Why Is It Difficult For Beginners To Change Chords Smoothly? Because of the actual complexity of manipulating untrained fingers into "simple" chord shapes (at the first fret, where the arm is maximally extended away from the body, causing great stress by itself) many people hit a road block at this point that they never recover from. It gives rise to the syndrome of "I have been playing two years and know lots of chords, but can't play a song all the way through because I can't change the chords fast enough". The people that do get past this point usually still have handicaps they don't know about, handicaps that may or may not surface later on, depending on how far they attempt to go in their playing abilities. This book is designed to serve two purposes: 1) provide everything a student should know after they have studied The Principles and begun work on the Foundation Exercises, and 2) provide the vital understandings and skills appropriate at this point of development that simply are not to be found anywhere else, and make MUSIC while doing so.

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