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We are a family owned business living and breathing on Main Street USA - Yeah!. People's Music was established in 1973.  The store has always been on Main Street in Sebastopol California.  We carry tons of local, new & used unique instruments from all over the world.

When it first started in the early 70's, Peoples Music was a record store. (Remember records, those hard black plastic skinny frisbees?) The motto was..."come in, dig the sounds, or just rap..." Rap, in those days, meant just talking to someone. The store was filled with incense, lava lamps, coffee and lots and lots of records and tapes. Since that time the store has moved 3 times (in the same town) and changed the merchandise from records, then tapes and CD's, to musical instruments. We still sell CDs and records for our local artists (all proceeds go to the artist).

We are in Sebastopol, California. About 50 or so miles north of San Francisco in beautiful Sonoma County. We specialize in acoustic instruments with a flair for the unusual, such as: a Kora (African harp), a Koto (Japanese harp), a Sitar, Harmoniums, a Berimbau, Shakuhachis, Ozark pickin' bows, African Sistrums, Chun Mo's from Thailand, Greek Baglama (a tiny bouzouki), a Chinese Pipa, Didgeridoos, Doumbeks, Djembes, Hemlock root flutes, Pentatonic Marimbas, Percussion tubes, as well as guitars, banjos (5 str., plectrum, and tenor), Dulcimers (hammered and lap), all sorts of band instruments for our rental program, Ukes, gobs of books (instructional and song) and lots of other things, as well as all the accessories you could think of. Get the idea?

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All Local working musicians, the staff at People's Music can help you out with any musical questions or concerns you may have.