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PTrumpet White with Gig bag

  • 18500

Made by the Warwick Music Group:

The affordable pTrumpet 2.0 is as fun as it is functional. It provides the best-ever performance and quality for all-plastic trumpets. A standard .460" bore pitched in Bb creates a full tone like its brass-playing equivalent, making it great for musicians at any level.

Available in a choice of colors, the pTrumpet 2.0 has remarkable sound and looks cool and funky. Half the weight of a brass trumpet, the pTrumpet is easy to play and hold, promoting good form, and allows for an enjoyable practice or lesson. The ergonomic grip is perfect for hands of any size, so it's a great choice for a go-to student instrument.

Designed by award-winning musicians, this fully sustainable, recyclable and eco-friendly trumpet is virtually indestructible. For children from beginners to intermediate, it creates an authentic robust sound approved by music teachers. Made to be carbon neutral and safer than any brass trumpet, the pTrumpet 2.0 is the ideal instrument, promoting equitable access to music education.

It also has a unique antimicrobial design and works straight out of the box. The pTrumpet 2.0 comes with two acrylic mouthpieces and a fabric carrying case for safe storage, and is easy to carry to school or music lessons. Happy in the hands of the world's seasoned professionals, the pTrumpet 2.0 is also a great starter instrument, perfect when more expensive brass instruments just won’t do.

  • Unique fully plastic valve system
  • Pitched in Bb
  • 4-3/4" bell
  • Weighs under 18 ounces
  • One-piece patented leadpipe
  • Adjustable valve button caps
  • All plastic water-key and adjustable slides
  • pTrumpet 3C and 5C mouthpiece
  • Heavy-duty fabric carry bag