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Mackie EM-91CU USB Mic

Mackie EM-91CU USB Mic

  • 4999

The Mackie EM-91CU EleMent series LDC brings the studio sound of the EM-91C condenser mic to a convenient USB format. Like its predecessor, this mic is built to provide two things: accurate response and extreme durability — all at a budget-friendly price. The large-diaphragm capsule is well suited to almost any application. You can throw it in front of a singer for warmth and brilliance, or use it to capture the intricate details of a fingerstyle performance with equal success. And thanks to its plug-and-play USB operation, the EM-91CU is perfect for content creation, podcasting, and online meetings on the go. Wherever you use it, the EM-91CU showcases rock-solid durability and sonic versatility. The EM-91CU includes a shockmount for noise reduction and a USB-A to USB-B cable for instant connectivity. And because of its onboard Mackie Onyx circuitry, the EM-91CU is able to deliver big tone, low noise, and high dynamic range. If accuracy and durability are what you need from a USB mic, the Mackie EM-91CU EleMent series USB condenser is a great choice.

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