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J.C. Deagan Professional Xylophone Model #870

  • 3,00000

1930s Era 

BRAND: J.C. Deagan Pro Xylophone

DESCRIPTION: – Klyposerus Wood (Honduran Rosewood) – 3.5 Octave (F-C Low Pitch)

MODEL: 870 Professional

YEAR: 1950’s – 1960’s Era
INCLUDES: Stand & Mallets

**Yamaha owns patent now and this is comparable to their YX-500R/F that go new for $4500-$6500**

The J.C. Deagan company was founded in the late 1800s by John Calhoun Deagan in Saint Louis, Missouri and later moved to Chicago, IL. They built a variety of percussion instruments, including many novelty percussion instruments.



"Nagaed" (Deagan spelled backwards), was used to identify Honduras rosewood meticulously selected for uniform resin density, quarter-sawed grain, color, and overall perfection for tone bars of superior grade models of xylophones, marimba-xylophones, marimbas, and marimbaphones.



Klyposerus was a dark red-brown cream-streaked rosewood identified as Caribbean cocobolo wood, used only for Deagan professional xylophones for its bright sound and extreme durability.


Pd Ck 2077 9/12/21