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Slaperoo Slapstick N100 Noodle

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The N-100 PRO is been refined from the inside-out. The body is now a proprietary custom aluminum extrusion with a special ergonomic profile that makes it look, feel, and play amazing!

Also added are precision-machined holes along both sides of the instrument, marking 1/2-steps like frets on a guitar.

The base is now injection-molded using our own custom machinery. The new 'palm cradle' feature allows the N-100 to be held in a very natural, ergonomic way.

We also beefed-up the pickup and offer the N-100 anodized in 5 different colors!

**We are the exclusive Sonoma County music location to sell these incredible, locally grown instruments. These are discounted even lower than the manufacturer site.  Come by and check these out!!!!

Check out the videos on Andy's website.  They ROCK

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