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70s Dennis Murphy Hammered Dulcimer (Dulcimer Seed) - Built-in Case

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He handcrafted his instruments under the name of "Dulcimer Seed."

This is a beautiful instrument made sometime in the 70s

Denis Murphy
June 17,1948-Jan. 10, 2019
Santa Cruz
Denis Phillip Murphy died in Santa Cruz on January 10, on the Pacific coast that he loved and where he created his musical life. He was very involved in the Santa Cruz flea market where he pedaled his goods and met many of his friends. He was incredibly talented and always had "many pots on the fire" He was returned to the ocean with friends embracing him and telling stories of his help and kindness.
Rest In Peace dear brother...
Santa Cruz Memorial Center

1/15/24 Pd Ck 2314 Mailed: 1717 Grand Ave, San Rafael CA 94901-1311