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2016 Cambria / Mountain Glenn Harp / 29-String Nylon / Loveland Levers

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This is the complete package if you're ready to learn and/or play Harp.  Comes with tuning wrench and books.  Looking for a new local home.

Loveland Levers were developed by Robert Bunker of Loveland, Colorado. Most of the over 240 custom harps that we have built have been equipped with these levers, including most of our custom wire strung harps as well. They are  reliable and have been used for many years, by thousands of harpists.

These levers have a brass metal bracket with Black nylon handles. These handles are very smooth to operate. They have a short throw, which facilitate rapid lever changes. If you wish you may paint red and blue dots on the C & F levers, making it easy to find  the right lever for key changes. Loveland Levers are easy to adjust, since the nut that holds the lever handle in place has a self tightening nylon core , which allows the movement of the handle to stay at the tension to which you adjust it. This lets you have the handles to move in the way that works best with your playing style.