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1950's Vintage Strad-O-Lin Mandolin w/Hard Case

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No Serial # or date stamp. Strad-O-Lin mandolins have always been fairly enigmatic.  Very little information on this company is easily findable through internet searches or in the published reference books commonly available, and few have ever seen more than a handful of these instruments through the years. Some think Strad-O-lins were built in New York, others think they were a Kay product made in Chicago, yet some point at United in New Jersey. Fact of the matter is that your guess is about as good as anyones.

 The Strad-O-Lin mystery has led to the development of a cult-like appreciation for these instruments.

Laminate arch back and sides, A-style body, segmented f-holes, Bell Brand tailpiece, silkscreened logo, and a very cool not-sure-what-to-call-it pickguard. 1-5/32" nut, 13-5/8" scale length. It's a pretty sounding instrument; not particularly loud or cutting, but rather, warm and inviting. playability is really quite perfect, and it plays in tune. Frets are unworn and level, action is low.