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We offer onsite lessons for all your musical needs, all levels, most instruments.  Please give us a call at (707) 823-7664 for details.  Here is a list of some of our wonderful teachers.


Hoytus (Guitar/Bass/Ukulele)
Chris Carney (Trumpet/Trombone/French Horn/Sax/Clarinet/Fiddle/Banjo)
Mark Hogan (Banjo/Beginning Mandolin/Dulcimer)
Ruth Richards (West African Hand Drumming)
Oliver Rogoff (Violin/Guitar/Mandolin/Ukulele)
Dominic Schaner (Lute/Guitar/Composition)
Tule Lazule, MA (Piano/Guitar/Ukulele/Voice)
Marilyn Read (Ukulele/basic three-finger style Banjo)
Kevin Village Stone (Native Flutes/Bass Guitars/Keyboards/Piano/Organic World Instruments)
Lindy Day (Guitar)
Nicole D'Oria (Voice/Guitar)
Dusty Wroten (Voice/Singing/Songwriting)



(Guitar, Bass, Ukulele)

Toting his Kansas City musical chops, a young Hoytus Rolen arrived in San Francisco during the “Summer of Love” where he lit up the scene as a studio musician and songwriter with ROYAL ASHBURY STUDIOS from 1969-1974, working with MERL SAUNDERS, MIKE MATHIS, RONNIE BECK, DONNIE BECK and HERBIE RICH.

From there, Hoytus signed with a subsidiary of FANTASY RECORDS working with ROGER COLLINS and MERL SAUNDERS. Next came a contract with I.N.S. RECORDS doing vocals, guitar, keyboards, and arranging for many company singles.

In 1977, Hoytus migrated to the rich musical scene in Sonoma County, California, playing with the WILLIAM HERLY jazz trio, JEROME ARNOLD, GENE WILLIAMS and others. In 1978, he formed the band, “FREE FALL”, followed in 1979, by “GYPSY,” while collaborating with percussionist, PAUL STUBBLEBINE on JAMES BLUEWOLF’s “STRIKE THE DRUM” project with ROGER TROY, MIKE BRANDENBURG and others. His next band “ALEGRIA,” with MICKEY HART of the “GRATEFUL DEAD,” featured Hoytus’ original tunes. After hearing his originals, FLORA PURIM and AIRTO MOREIRA requested his collaboration on the “HUMBLE PEOPLE” album.

In the 1990s, Hoytus played with “N.B.TWEEN,” “THE FILLMORE BLUES BAND,” and later his quintet, “H.R.Q.,” which had a fabulous three-year run. After the “Q,” Hoytus worked with ANANTA SKY in 2007.

Today, Hoytus is signed with the NEW VINTAGE ARTISTS label and his band “HOYTUS with CUP OF SUNSHINE” is letting fly with original tunes from his recently-released CD, “HIGH FLY.


Chris Carney

(Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Sax and Clarinet, Fiddle, Banjo)

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from VanderCook College of Music in Chicago, Illinois in 1970 and have been teaching music in one capacity or another ever since.

My main focus in teaching is to get the student to enjoy the musical experience that you/they have taken on. Music, whether listening or playing, is a wonderful pastime and should be taken on with joy and enthusiasm so let’s have some fun learning how to play your instrument. 


Mark Hogan

(Banjo ,Beginning Mandolin and Dulcimer)

Ruth Richards

(West African Hand Drumming)

Ruth Richards has been studying, performing and teaching traditional West African rhythms in classes and drum circles for 16 years. She enjoys bringing together the community aspect, as well as helping others not only learn these rhythms, but also experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of drumming.

Ruth offers one-on-one beginner sessions at People's Music, and will be forming group classes so students can enjoy the excitement of playing polyrhythms together.


Oliver Rogoff

(Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele)


Dominic Schaner

(Lute, Guitar, Composition)


Lutenist, musicologist and composer Dominic Schaner grew up on a small family farm in rural California.  Here, in this infinite expanse of nature, he was introduced to music at a young age.  During his following musical life, Dominic has given concerts as both a solo & ensemble musician throughout North America and in Europe​. 

In the San Francisco Bay Area, he has collaborated with Schola Cantorum, MusicSources, members of Chanticleer, the San Francisco Early Music Society, Sonoma Bach, Marin Baroque, Oakland Ballet and Voices of Music.

In addition to performance engagements, Dominic has given lectures on the lute and its music at Boston University, the Houghton Library at Harvard, the University of British Columbia at Vancouver, the University of Dallas, and Palomar College.Most recently, Dominic was invited to perform a concert and present a paper of his entitled Francesco da Milano: Il Divino and the Modern Heresy at the Early Music Vancouver Seminar.

Dominic studied musicology, theory & composition, and historical performance practice at Boston University, the University of Cambridge, and Harvard University.  He also studied throughout America and in Europe with such luminaries as Catherine Liddell, David Tayler, Nigel North, Hopkinson Smith, Jacob Heringman, and Crawford Young.  He has served as the guest artist & resident accompanist at the San Francisco Early Music Society’s Medieval & Renaissance Seminar, as the lute tutor at the Cambridge Early Music Summer School, and as a lecturer at the Early Music Vancouver Lute Seminar. 

Dominic founded and directs the early music ensemble The Euphora Project (Duo Euphora & The Euphora Consort).  Dominiclives in West Sonoma County where he curates radio shows for kows 92.5fm (, collects private press records & forages for mushrooms around his home in the forest.  An advocate for those forgotten & silenced by society, Dominic directs arkestras & explores restorative practices with at-risk populations.


Tule Lazule, MA

(piano, guitar, ukulele and voice)


My name is Tule Lazule. I teach piano, guitar, ukulele and voice—all levels and ages and a variety of musical styles. I have traditional classical training in piano, having graduated from the ten year Certificate of Merit Program which included yearly evaluations in classical piano performance and music theory. I am a professional musician, beginning with the demanding genre of top 40. You can probably imagine the amount of independent study that goes on when a person falls in love with a certain style of music and delves into it for decades. I have also written and performed for professionals in dance and drama. I’ve written music since I was a child and have continued to write and record my own compositions and songs as well as doing session work for other musicians. Plenty of experience on stage in my own and others’ bands includes playing at the Cotati Jazz Festival with my project “Barewood Chair”.


I have been a vocal coach since 1980 with VOCAL ALCHEMY— my own synthesis of : Bel Canto, Voice for the Actor, World Chant and more. Students report life-changing breakthroughs in confidence, health, ear-training and advancement in their music projects. My knowledge of psychology as well as Neurolinguistic psychology proves to be useful for voice students & students with different learning styles. My Musical Education also includes: AA music (theory & composition, band, voice, guitar, saxophone) Solano College Voice for the Actor, Sonoma State Songwriting, Sonoma State University Studio Recording, Sonoma State Jazz piano, Sonoma State Bel Canto voice with Christie Barber, 7 years North Indian Vocal with Pandit Pran Nath. Please feel free to email or call me for more info, and especially to let me know how I can help you with your musical goals! Yours truly, Tule Lazule



Marilyn Read

(ukulele, basic three-finger style banjo)


Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, born in S.F., with16 years studying and playing banjo, mandolin and ukulele, five years piano. Teaching at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center since 2013, plus offering popular workshops at Uke Festivals, Marilyn is excited to offer 1:1 lessons at People’s Music, for all levels ukulele. With a passion for teaching, Marilyn has a patient and creative style, sense of humor intact.

Marilyn started her training at age 7 with piano lessons plus choral singing. One of her life-long pleasures is singing three or four part harmony with her brothers, as well as jamming and performing with her friends. Ukulele became her obsession after a visit to Hawaii. Her goal is to “flood the world with ukulele players.” Marilyn sees the ukulele as a “gateway instrument,” a fun, versatile and portable instrument that can lead to playing with others, joining and creating ukulele communities, performing, and/or furthering one’s own musicianship.

Kevin Village Stone

(native flutes, bass guitars, keyboards, piano, and organic world instruments)


Being of Japanese and Cherokee descent, Kevin's greatest enjoyment is teaching students of any age to enjoy the spirit and heritage of their Native American flute. His lessons are catered to the individual's needs and includes training in technique, music theory, instrument care/selection, and musical creativity. Due to demand from Kevin's popular YouTube channel tutorials for Native American flute beginners, he has begun private lessons at People's Music in Sebastopol and via Skype for non-locals.

Kevin Village Stone, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area has been in the music and post-production industry for decades as a composer, performer, producer, and pro-audio/recording engineer. Jazz and classically trained on trumpet since the age of eight, Kevin has studied under the San Francisco Symphony, Chuck Rainey, John Handy, Johnny Coppola (Maynard Ferguson Band), and various studio cats of the SF Bay Area. Kevin's music and production work have appeared in international productions, national radio and television broadcast (ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC), computer games, Fortune 100 companies, and his music has been featured in Massage Magazine. His main instruments of study are native flutes, bass guitars, keyboards, piano, and organic world instruments.

For more info visit:


Phone: 707.245.5968

YouTube Channel


Lindy Day



Lindy Day, a five-star Yelp reviewed guitar instructor is new to Sebastopol. After years of training with Professor Julio Reyes (classical guitar) and being tutored by many classic rock gurus, Lindy has made the list of "2016 Top 5 Female Guitarists to Follow" on Instagram, as well as the Riffwars 2016 Female Guitarist Hall of Fame nominee. Lindy has toured from CA to NYC in several bands and has won the Rising Stars Award for rock performance. Lindy is currently a touring professional in multiple projects.

Lindy's specialty is classic rock. She is also proficient in acoustic and classical guitar. Learning guitar is a very personal thing, and she treats each student as an individual. Her teaching style is very encouraging, engaging, and individualized. Each student gets their own curriculum depending on where their interests lie.

Some of the most popular lessons Lindy teaches are beginner acoustic guitar, open chords, reading tabs/notation, and repertoire. She commonly teaches modern pop songs (like Taylor Swift, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, etc) in order to show students how these techniques work in a practical setting.

See Lindy's teaching style with her tutorial of We Are The Champions by Queen:

You can also see her performing guitar on her Instagram

Learn more about her professional career at


Phone: (707) 245-6320


Nicole D'Oria



Nicole D’Oria is an enthusiastic voice instructor and guitar teacher rooted in classical training, but proficient in many styles. She shows her students how to believe in themselves and bring forth their unique abilities by using solid technique. Better known to audiences as BLUE DORIA, she is a professional performer and Singer-Songwriter. Nicole sings and plays guitar, performing in many styles including blues, alternative, folk, and rock. Nicole studied classical voice and guitar privately before earning her Bachelor of Music in vocal performance at SJSU. She has performed in Operas, jazz combos and classical guitar ensembles as well as in popular, blues and folk music.

As a teacher, Nicole is very patient and understanding of each student’s unique musical journey. She caters her lessons to a student’s immediate goals and long term aspirations encouraging confidence along the way. Students learn music theory and music reading in accordance with the type of music studied. Nicole’s voice training focuses on breath control, beautifying ones tone and the expansion of range. She also teaches beginning and intermediate guitar and classical guitar. She coaches students in song writing and accompanying guitar with the voice. Each student is guided in musicality and expression alongside their basic training.

You can also check Nicole out at:
Reverb Nation



Dusty Wroten


Cool female professional singer/songwriter/spoken word artist/actress, offering voice, singing, and/or songwriting lessons. Patient and compassionate, experienced teaching all levels/ages. Beginners especially welcome! Personalized lessons/songs, according to your interests, so lessons are Fun!

I've been trained as, and I'm also experienced as an educator. So, I consider your experience, comfort level and learning style. I teach most styles including Rock (all styles:Hard,Soft, Folk, Punk, Goth, more), Blues, Reggae, HipHop, Jazz (all styles: Trad, Cabaret, Ballads, Swing, BeBop, Scat singing, Fusion, more), WorldBeat, Country, Rhythm and Blues, Show Tunes (for actors) Spoken Word (for actors and poets) and more.

I'll accompany you on piano/keyboard. I can also help you write your own songs, or turn your lyrics and poetry into songs, and/or accompany yourself on hand drum or keyboard. Music therapy /guided meditation techniques for stage fright, finding your true voice, and more. Music and healing, music and astrology, music and chakras.

Affordable prices, open to barter. Thanks --- and Keep Singing/Vocalizing/Writing! May the music never stop! Smiles, Much Love and Respect.

Contact me today for more info or to set up your first session!  Please be sure to put "Voice Lessons", "Singing Lessons", or "Songwriting Lessons" in the subject line of your email.


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