Line 6 - Variax 700 - Acoustic Electric Guitar - 1990's

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Serial # 04110459

Includes USB Adapter and cables

Thin Body with Cutaway

Very Unique

Extending the modelling approach they pioneered with the original Variax, Line 6 have now taken a shot at reproducing the sounds of different miked acoustic guitars. Almost completely immune to feedback, the Variax Acoustic will clearly be a hit in some live applications, but does it sound good enough to record?

Few people will need reminding that Line 6 were the company who brought guitar modelling into the mainstream market with their Pod, even though, to my knowledge, Roland were the first to test the waters in this area with their more complex V-Guitar systems. There was a lot of speculation about areas into which the company might diversify once it had grown sufficiently, and grow it certainly did, but rather than trying to cover all aspects of the music market as some companies do, Line 6 stuck to the guitar market, moving first into amplifiers and guitar effects, then most recently into producing their own guitars that use integral modelling technology to emulate a number of classic instruments. Once again, Roland offered guitar and pickup modelling, but the Line 6 approach is very different. Instead of creating a special pickup to be bolted to your guitar, Line 6 provide a range of guitars of their own, with everything built into the guitar body and operated by simple, guitarist-friendly controls. The necessary piezo pickups are built into the bridge, one for each string, and the end result is very simple to use, which counts for a lot when you're on stage with no time to mess around.