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2004 Raphael 26-String 8-Lever - Harps of Lorien

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Therapy harps, Raphael 26Sasha 22, and Lorien 30 are lightweight and economical. They offer excellent tone for use in therapy work. Many harp practitioners working in hospitals and hospices are using these harps, delighted by their portability and quality of tone and craftsmanship.

The Raphael 26 Therapy Harp is designed specifically for the work of bringing healing harp music to those in hospitals and nursing homes, and for vigils at the bedside of the dying. It has a warm, resonant tone but is not overpowering when used in a close setting with a patient. It is lightweight (about 8 lbs) and can easily be transported, an important consideration for the harpist. The neck reinforcement is added for both strength and to give the harp a sculptural feel, adding to its soft curves and rounded edges.

We support and encourage harpists in therapy work by offering discounts to students registered in a certified Harp Therapy program, such as the International Harp Therapy Program, the Music for Healing and Transition Program, or the Therapy Harp Training Program.

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