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Bajo Quinto Guitar by Zuris w/Hard Case and Aptec Magnetic P/U

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A close relative to the bajo sexto, the bajo quinto is a bassy Mexican folk instrument that has its roots in the 17th century. Whether you’re looking for a bajo quinto for traditional Mexican folk music or are looking for an electric bajo quinto to add some depth to your recorded and live music, Reverb has what you need.

What is a bajo quinto?

Literally translated to “fifth bass” or “low five,” the bajo quinto is a Mexican folk instrument. It looks like a large guitar, but instead of featuring six strings, it has five doubled courses of strings or a total of ten strings. It is likely derived from the Italian chitarra battente, a baroque-era guitar.

How do you play a bajo quinto?

A bajo quinto is usually played with a pick or plectrum with emphasis on the lower bass strings.

What’s the bajo quinto tuning?

The traditional bajo quinto tuning is A1-A2-D3-D2-G2-G2-C3-C3-F3-F3. Typically, bajo quinto strings are wound steel strings.

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